Biographical Information on Master Don Kirsch 

Don Kirsch is a 7th Dan Black Belt with over forty years of training. His HapKiDo training and rank certification is under Grand Master J.R. West, Jackson, MS through the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation and the Korean DaeHan KiDoHwe. Don is also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Han Mu Do training and testing under the guidance Dr. He-Young Kimm, Baton Rouge, LA. 

Mr. Kirsch is a student and practitioner of various styles of Qi Gong. Specifically studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sheng Zhen Healing Qi Gong in the Medical Qi Gong Program at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin under the instruction of Master Li Jun Feng.

Don Kirsch is a Geologist for Bass Operating and Production Co., L. P. and a Certified Petroleum Geologist. His expertise is in prospect generation and asset evaluations for the oil and gas industry. Don holds a B.S. in Geological Sciences and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

7th Dan HapKiDo Untied States Korean Martial Arts Federation
6th Dan HapKiDo (DaeHan KiDoHwe Certificate #1200)
1st Dan HanMuDo (World HanMuDo Association)
  J.R. West 20th Aniv. HapKiDo Seminar Masters Demonstratoin
  J.R. West 21st Aniv. HapKiDo Seminiar Masters Demonstration